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Crossing every barrier together to help a person in crisis

"The lesson from the Good Samaritan story was to help your fellow man from your heart; not worrying about whether he belonged to the right culture, belief system, or nationality. The point being, that we're all neighbors; that's the heart of the Good Samaritan Network." - Joe Johnsick, Sr. 

The Good Samaritan Network is equipping and activating churches and ministries to collaborate with community resources for the restoration and freedom of families in the addiction crisis.

The GSN has offered orientations on the addiction crisis from a Christ-centered perspective to over 50 churches and ministries. The goal is to reach 100 this year and continue growing awareness and resources while collaborating in the communities where we live. 

January 2019, the Good Samaritan Network came together to share its core elements of equipping, activating, and collaborating. You can watch these videos below to find out more about this move of God. 

The Good Samaritan Network Three Focus Areas

The GSN works to equip the church with the tools it needs to support their community in a crisis, much like the Good Samaritan in the parable of Luke 10.


The church has an immense heart for those in crisis, seeking to serve though sometimes not knowing the right tools or services to match the need. With orientation and training from the GSN, church members learn about the issues facing those in crisis and can feel more confident in how to help. The GSN also connects the church and other ministries, in the same way the Good Samaritan entrusted the person in crisis to the care of the InnKeeper. Meanwhile, the Inn Keeper (ministries) also has need of being connected with those in the church who require or could use their services.


The GSN is also working to connect ministries with the different resources that are already available in communities regardless of religion, denomination, or ethnicity. This is truly a collaborative effort to ensure the person in crisis can find hope, freedom, and restoration.

The Good Samaritan Network is an outreach ministry of the NH Alliance, a 501c3 organization. For more information on the NH Alliance, visit
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