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Church Orientation

There is a battle being waged in NH and churches are uniquely able to play a positive role in making a difference. But what is the best way to help?


We know that recovery involves a Continuum of Care which is broken down into five areas: Prevention, Intervention/Treatment, Recovery, Aftercare, and Family Care.  The GSN offers a variety of ways that can help churches determine how they can be activated into the Continuum where they feel called. The GSN offers Orientation Day trainings across the state and other resources that provide an overview of these areas and helps churches to learn how they can help. 


Our Church Orientation Day training leads churches to develop their own plan, including hosting a service to introduce the plan to their church members, naming a church recovery coordinator who receives further training and connects to resources, and connecting with GSN resources to help church members learn how to become “boots on the ground.”  The links below provide more information about the events, videos, and resources available.

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Get Connected

Find out more about how you can help and get connected to others working to solve this issue in your community.

Orientation videos

Access videos from the GSN Orientation Events to hear from some of the experts.

Other Resources

There are many resources that are available in regards to this crisis. Click here to find out more.

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