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The Heart of the Good Samaritan

Joe Johnsick, Sr. speaks about the heart of the Good Samaritan Network.

It's important to work together to see the epidemic of addiction end in our state and beyond. If you have the heart to be involved, we welcome volunteers to assist in supporting this vast, statewide network, just send us a note.

We understand that not everyone can give of their time but we know that the Good Samaritan not only gave of his time to pick up and bandage the person in crisis, but he paid the Innkeeper to make sure the man could rest and be healed.

If you cannot give of your time but can give a donation to support the Good Samaritan Network this has the same beneficial affect because it takes both time and funding to ensure the person in crisis gets what the services they need. We thank you for your generosity! 

In the Mail

Please make check out to

The Good Samaritan Network and mail to

The Good Samaritan Network

811 Canal St.

Manchester, NH 03101

Direct Deposit

Contact Ashley Therrien at or 603-546-8134

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