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Resources for GSN Church Leadership Training


GSN Resource links:  There are many ways to learn more about the addiction crisis and how the church can help. The GSN is collecting resources that are listed below for your reference. You can also connect with more resources by visiting our website which includes 58 recovery ministries around NH by visiting You can find out more about the Good Samaritan Network through our flyers on the “info sheets” page here.  These resources were recommended and vetted by our training team.


General Resources Related to Talk 1 and Adverse Childhood Experiences

Health and Human Services Resources (HHS)


Brain physiology, why addiction is considered a disease


Information on how Adverse Childhood Experiences cause a variety of physiological and mental health issues


Mental Health Resources Related to Talk 2


Book recommendations for faith-based mental health and wellness

  • Changes that Heal, Dr. Henry Cloud

  • Healing for Damaged Emotions, David A. Seamands

  • Freedom in Christ, Neil Anderson

  • Switch on Your Brain, Dr. Caroline Leaf


Spiritual Resources Related to Talk 3

  • Spiritual recovery in church settings

  • Bridges to Grace, Innovative Approaches to (church) Recovery Ministry, Swanson and McBean

  • Restoring Broken People, the scriptural basis of 12 steps, Dr. Rod Buzzard,

  • Sheltered by Jesus, a story of a church becoming recovery centered, Pastor Richard Berry


Spiritual Resources Related to Talk 4

  • Inner healing and deliverance resources

  • Unbound, Neal Lozano

  • Crisis in Masculinity and Broken Image, Leanne Payne

Church Leadership Orientation
Church Leadership Panel
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