Our Team
Community Collaboration

The Good Samaritan Network is made up of a community of individuals from different backgrounds and denominations. Each of the 10 regions have teams in development to serve their local churches and communities through collaborative networking. 

The statewide efforts are coordinated by Executive Director, Dick Kiernan (also of the NH Alliance), Dena Stahlheber, and the support and co-laboring of a core team of advisors and committee members. 

This network also interacts with many like-minded partners in communities and is able to do its work thanks to the generous contributions of donors. The GSN is a 501c3 organizaiton under the NH Alliance (www.nhalliance.net).  

GSN Organizational Chart


GSN Advisory Board:  Joe Johnsick,Sr., Kathie Saari, Ron Moore


State Team:  Joe Johnsick, Sr. (Fundraising), Judy Mason (Prayer), Dick Kiernan (Networking/Staff), Kathie Saari (Trainer Team), Dena Stahlheber (Communications/Staff)



  • Communications:  Dena Stahlheber, Jon Beam, Sharon Labrie

  • Fundraising:  Joe Johnsick, Sr., Allard Deu 

  • Networking:  Dick Kiernan, Phil Kwiatkowski, Jon Beam, Doug Griffin, Jason Wells, Neil Hubacker

  • Prayer:  Judy Mason,  Jon Beam, Liz Swenson, Greg & Suzanne Winslow

  • Trainers: Kathie Saari, Michelle Lennon, Nick Clark, Lydia Wells

  • Adhoc Church Collaboration Team:  Jason Wells, Phil Kwiatkowski, Lou Georges, Joe Johnsick, Sr., Bryan McCormack, Dick Kiernan

Regional Team Leaders

  1. Greater Concord - Bob Rock & Nick Clark

  2. Greater Manchester - Contact Dick Kiernan, Thomas Carter

  3. Greater Monadnock - Kathie Saari

  4. Greater Nashua - Ron Moore

  5. Greater Salem Derry - Malcolm Widness, Lydia O'Leary

  6. Lakes Region - Jon Beam, Michelle Lennon, Shaun Dutile

  7. North Country - Henry Lingley, Keith Andersen

  8. Seacoast, Raymond, Rochester - Rich Maggio, Tim Rivera

  9. Souhegan Valley - Paul Sontag, Bradford Volz, Monica Gallant

  10. Upper Valley - Lu Samuels, Margaret Drye


      Day of Remembrance Prayer for Families Who Have Lost Loved Ones