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Recent church orientation presentations are below for reference. Feel free to email us with any other resources you find helpful by contacting us here

February 2019 Training Files

Dick Kiernan gives an overview


Kathie Saari of Gates Recovery Center shares her story and expertise on recovery. 


Mary Drew of Recovery Now shares about the overall issues. 


Tara Rivera shares her perspective on the addiction crisis from both alochol to opiates. 


Jen Lever shares about the affect of addiction on the mind. 


Michelle Lennon is an experienced Recovery Coach who leads the CCAR Recovery Training and shares her expertise. 

October 2019 Training Files

Kathie Saari of Gates Recovery Center orients us to recovery

Presentations by Dick Kiernan (Intro to GSN), Joe Johnsick, Sr. (Collaboration), Dena Stahlheber (Resources)

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